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Reduced price! Football Scoreboard Software for LED display. Rugby, Tenis, Hockey, basket Expand

Football Scoreboard Software. Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, Tenis, Voleyball,...



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This is our software to mannage digital scoreboards for football, basketball, tennis, rugby, paddel, voleyball, hockey, indoor soccer, etc.

Our solution, allows you show not only the time and score, you can also show and mannage: advertisings, events in match (goals, cards, exchanges, extra time, ...).

You can download a fully operative DEMO here:

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Latest Version: 5.60, October 2022

You can DOWNLOAD a fully DEMO here:

Management application of a football scoreboard. Our application is also being used by teams of: Rugby, Basket, Hockey, Futsal, Volleyball, Handball, Fighting, ...


- Lifetime license: Once acquired you will be able to use our software without limitations, and without additional payments, as well as you can use it on any computer. The license is linked only to the USB key that we will provide you, a key that you can use on any computer with S.O. Windows.

- Multi-Sport: our application has been validated for sports such as: soccer, football, basketball, rugby, volleyball, futsal, tennis, paddle tennis and Canarian wrestling, among others.

- Fully Configurable: Not only in terms of the size of the video scoreboard, but in the entire graphic aspect. You will be able to modify all the backgrounds, images and videos that are shown in the video marker. Configuration panel through which you can modify the appearance and position of all the elements to be displayed (shields, results, time, names, etc.).

- Multi-language: Backoffice translated into Spanish, English and Portuguese. Possibility of adapting it to other languages.

Integration with Cameras, Vmix or OBS: You can show a on live signal from any camera plugged in computer, or can show output of vmix or Obs software.

- Configurable Console: We have customizable consoles to carry out the basic functions of the video scoreboard: Score management, start or pause time, manage advertising,...

- Multi-Screen: The great novelty in v4.00 is that different screens can be managed simultaneously. Some clubs have screens of different format, size and / or resolution in their stadium. With this option, synchronized information can be displayed on all screens, the visual aspect adapted to each one of them. For example: on one screen you can show the lineups with photos of the players and on another with just their names. Or it will be possible to generate a screen with chroma for a TV broadcast, showing on it all the events of the video scoreboard, or synchronize the content of the U-Television with the video scoreboard.

- Animations: The great novelty of v5.00 is the handling of transparent videos, as well as the possibility of animating certain events to give them greater appeal.

- Team management: names, badges, and templates of the home and away team with a photo or video of each player, and of them celebrating a goal.

- Game management: Control of the start and end of each part. Clock (count up/down), and possession time. The system includes the option of pausing the match and resuming it at any time, as well as modifying the match time. We can define and launch an introduction video to the game. Times can be defined for each part, so it can be used for all kinds of sports. The match may start at any time during the match; Ideal function for small clubs that cannot have a full-time person for management, and that need to launch the match or the parts after a few minutes of play.

- Visualization of Lineups: According to the templates, the application will show the line-up of both teams on the video scoreboard. We can configure the time that elapses between the printing of the name of each player, as well as the position of starters, substitutes and coach, in order to be able to adjust this screen to the graphic needs of each club. Visualization of the line-up through a personalized card per player, with a photo of the player. Likewise, a player's file may be shown at any time during the match. You can manage manually or automatically the time that elapses between the visualization of one player or another.

- Event Management: The application offers the option of launching a personalized video / image for each match event: foul, corner, throw-in, offside goal kick, penalty, etc. As well as the visualization of the events associated with players (changes and cards) with their name and / or photo or video, as well as the possibility of animating the event to give it more eye-catching.

- Result management: Easy management of the goals, with a simple button, a personalized video will be launched for the animation of the goal, and the name of the player will be indicated on the screen, as well as the minute the goal was played. You can also configure the application to play the video or image associated with the player you have scored. An adjustment or change of the result and scorers list can be made manually.

- Sets Management: Possibility of viewing and managing Sets, which validates the sports application such as volleyball.

- Dead Times Management: Possibility of viewing and managing the dead times enjoyed by each team.

- Possession Management: It includes the display of an icon that indicates the team that has possession. Possibility of assigning possession manually, or automatically.

- Advertising Management: This is a very important issue for all clubs. The application allows the configuration of 8 videos / images of advertisers, which we can show with the press of a button. We also have the option of launching a video / image that is stored on the computer itself. The system